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I'm looking for synonyms and I'd like to know if there are any other phrases which mean the same? Is the phrasal verb "to be into sth" colloquial? Yes, it is rather colloquial. Will someone please tell me which adverbs fit in "to be into something"? For example, would it be correct to say "I'm heavily into languages"? Or "He is deeply into coin-collecting"? Thank you in advance. Heavily sounds good, I think. I have a feeling that the most likely word is "really". I'm really into languages. Искать только в заголовках Сообщения пользователя: Имена участников разделяйте запятой. Новее чем: Искать только в этой теме Искать только в этом разделе Искать также в подразделах Отображать результаты в виде .

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